The LOGeco Endowment Fund sent food and respirators to Africa.


Together for a better world and cleanse the planet of garbage! The LOGeco Endowment Fund sent food and respirators to Africa Luanda, December 4, 2020 - A container of food and respirators was sent to Africa this week by representatives of the LOGeco Foundation to Africa. The help of President Jéssic Lorena Dias Lourenço herself welcomed the support in Angola.

"We are not entirely indifferent to life on our planet. That is why we need to think about sustainable development and social responsibility.ERVOeco's ecological waste treatment can be one way, which is why we also help in Africa, where municipal waste is a severe problem. Specifies Miroslav Šilhan, founder of the company and the LOGeco Foundation, which owns the unique technology for processing plastics ERVOeco.

After the official baptism with the support of the Czech Roman Catholic Church, the charity, not only food aid, set out from Litovel on a journey of about 10,000 kilometres to Luanda, Angola. The container contained a total of 5 tons of pasta and 10,000 respirators designed primarily for integrated rescue services, teachers but also volunteers and ordinary people.

"Africans are not very afraid of COVID-19, but they are terrified mainly of hunger and food shortages, especially after the devastating floods or in connection with the economic situation during the current pandemic. That is why we are sending charitable food aid to Africa. Did not spread the coronavirus, but at the same time we know that the lack of food bothers the locals even more, "adds Šilhan.

LOGeco has long been involved in charitable projects in the Czech Republic and around the world, especially in the countries where it operates. The establishment of the LOGeco foundation fund is a logical step so that their activities can gain in intensity.

 "Since the beginning of the project, we have all been convinced in the team that our motivation is not just economic benefit, but benefit future generations - we all have children. We want to reduce our carbon footprint and help make life better on the planet. We are happy to realize this goal by setting up a LOGeco foundation to help. We will be happy if we are joined by people who are not indifferent to the future development of our planet and, like us, want to take positive steps for future generations. We want ecological waste treatment to become the standard everywhere in the world, "concludes Miroslav Šilhan from the LOGeco group. 

LOGeco follows the motto "People have started with pollution, only people can stop it". He wants to show that it is possible not only to clean the planet Earth but also to return it to a beautiful state. Through the LOGeco Foundation, it contradicts several charitable eco-projects not only in the Czech Republic but also in the countries where it operates. In particular, they are projects in the fields of ecology, science, development, education and humanitarian aid. Wherever the group does business and invests, it is aware of its social responsibility and therefore supports local non-profit and charitable projects that address waste issues.

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