Somalia, devastating floods


Since the end of June, more than 150,000 Somalis have been forced to flee their homes due to floods and floods in the southern regions of Somalia. Many newly displaced people now live in overcrowded, makeshift shelters built of old clothes, plastic bags, cardboard. Such a cover provides little protection from inclement weather and leaves families at increased risk of crimes such as robbery and rape.

There is a shortage of food, and many of them are hungry with increasing malnutrition in children and are at risk of starvation. In some areas, the price of basic foodstuffs, especially milk and vegetables, has risen by 20 to 50 per cent.

Hygiene conditions are low, and access to medical care is limited. Health partners warn of the risk of diarrhoea, vector-borne diseases, respiratory infections and other infectious diseases that are spreading rapidly among the displaced population.

A tent for the whole family can be bought in Sudan for as little as CZK 100. Our foundation supports Rael z.s., Špirkova 525/8, Kamýk, 142 00 Prague 4,, which organizes a humanitarian collection for this area. At the same time, she has participated in projects in this area in the past.

LOGeco foundation supports such activities.