People started pollution; people can stop it.

We first used this slogan in our business presentations, and it fully expresses our philosophy. 

The year 2020 brought the world a new waste treatment technology called ERVOeco. Our company LOGeco launched a unique project and achieved not only significant business success but also considerable media attention. Our company is written about in media houses such as Forbes, Reuters and CNN.

From the beginning of the project, we were all convinced in the team that our motivation is not only economic benefit, but above all the creation of a community of environmentally-minded people who wish to participate in "state of affairs" projects in the field of ecology and waste. 

We are glad that we can materialize our goal in the form of the LOGeco foundation.

We will be happy if you join us and together, we will try to change the course of things.

LOGeco foundation memento

September 2018: The World Bank announces that our global waste generation will increase by 70 per cent by 2050 unless we take urgent action. Humanity today, represented by 7.6 billion people, produces two billion tons of waste a year. The inevitable population growth, increasing waste production in developed countries and their poor waste management can cause an environmental disaster.

For example, the United States is the largest producer of waste per capita in the world, producing an average of 800 kilograms per year per citizen.

In the coming decades, not only waste generation will threaten our planet, but also the way we choose to deal with it.